The Best Way To Protect Yourself

It is true that nothing is permanent and life is full of risks. Hence, nothing is better than having an insurance plan. If you are looking to have an insurance plan, then you will not find it hard to get a one as selling an insurance plans as become a profitable business. And thus, many companies and agencies are getting started to involve in this business. But before taking any plan, it is vital to know and understand the policy clearly. But what are the actual types of insurance? If this is your question, then look at the below-mentioned types of insurance.

Pet Insurance: In the case of a pet insurance, the insurer will pay veterinary expenses if the pet is wounded or suffering from illness. Pet insurance is also validated if the pet gets die, lost or stolen.

Health Insurance: A health insurance is a policy that says the insurer (who sold insurance) will pay a lump sum amount to the insured (who purchased insurance) person if the insured person gets injured by accident or falls sick by a disease.

Travel Insurance: As the name suggests, travel insurance is related to the loss that occurs while traveling. It covers theft of baggage, delayed luggage, personal possessions, emergency emigration, accidental death, etc.

Life insurance: Is a policy which states that the insurer will pay an amount to the nominee or the family of the insured person if the insured person dies. For this, the insured person needs to pay the premiums on a regular basis.

Dental Insurance: It is similar to the health insurance, but the difference is that the insurer will be liable to pay if the insured person finds something unusual in his dental care. Thus, dental insurance benefits in case of sudden dental costs.

Auto Insurance: The insurance which is related to the automobiles is called auto insurance. In this policy, if the vehicle gets damaged due to the accident or other traffic issues then the insurer will have to pay a certain amount to the owner. In the case of a huge damage, some auto companies replace the vehicles totally.

You have to inquire about the eligibility criteria and choose the discounts that apply to you. Also, a few good discount for going through a driver’s training course and other driver learning programs. If you want to reap the benefit of this offer, you just need to go through a certified course and then show the insurer your certificate. This can save you about 10% on premiums, which adds up. Remember that different types of auto models have different auto insurance coverage and rate.

You can ask the companies about their rates as well

Often, sports and expensive automobiles bring in the highest rates. If your automobile has an excellent and satisfactory maintenance rating, there is a better chance for you getting lower insurance rates. You also need to know some basics about auto insurance premiums before applying for it. Apart from those points above, such as maintenance rating and the driver learning program, there are some other criteria too included in the pricing policy structure. For instance, gender is a big component, the monthly mileage driven and even the color of the automobile.

Good2go specializes in offering their customers the basics to keep them on the road, but this doesn’t mean basic service. Their claims and customer service lines are open seven days a week, or you can use their 24-hour automated system or online portal to make a payment. Good to go insurance offers coverage to high-risk drivers and those who are newly licensed or do not currently have coverage.

Mike Heuer is an experienced writer and specializing in vehicle coverage.

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Apart From That, I’m Doing Fine!

I know I am not correct on many things, just ask the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. If I could be right as many times as I am wrong, I would be a genius. The problem is, I am more wrong than I am right, which puts me a little bit out of balance.

People always say things they really do not mean. I guess they are just trying to be nice and courteous.

For instance. My wife will say as I leave the door to go somewhere, “Drive safely.”

I do not know what that means. Does she think I am going to drive like an idiot? Well, maybe that is not a good illustration.

Another one is, if you are going to a party someone will say, “Have fun.”

Does that mean they are under the impression that you are not going to have fun unless you are enticed? Why do people always say things like that?

We always say things that we do not mean.

Of course, I am always a little guarded about certain things my wife may say to me. The most infamous one would be, “Does this dress make me look fat?” I am not sure who came up with that one, but their head was not spinning in the right direction.

After thinking about that for a little bit I am under the impression that if anyone asks me that question, particularly if it is my wife, they are not looking for the right answer. They are looking for a compliment.

Is it more important to tell the truth or to encourage someone? That has always been my dilemma.

One question has bugged me for a long time. I must confess that I have done it myself, but it still bugs me. It is when we meet somebody and say, “Hello, how are you doing?”

Why do we say something like that? Whenever I asked somebody how they are doing, I really do not want them to tell me how they are doing. I am trying to be courteous and friendly. I do not want to know the details of their life.

As I said, I find myself saying the very same thing. I am trying to get over this phrase-addiction and probably need several months in some rehabilitation center. It would be worth it to get this out of my conversation.

I do not know if I was just having a bad day or if I was just fed up with this question. Not long ago I was coming out of the grocery store and somebody greeted me and said, “Hello, how are you doing today?”

Something came over me. To this day I cannot explain what in the world made me do what I did. But I did it and there it is.

I could tell the person who asked the question was in a hurry to get into the grocery store but I did it anyway. He asked me how I was and so I stopped him and told him how I was.

“I’m glad you asked,” I started, “because I’m not feeling very well today.” I noticed he was trying to get beyond me, but I was going to have my say no matter what.

“I hurt my big toe this morning, I think I broke a toenail. I’ve been limping all day long and I’m getting rather tired of it.”

He looked at me and then glanced at the grocery store, but I pretended as if I did not see.

“I got up this morning,” I continued as though I had nothing else in the world to do, “with my back hurting so much I could hardly get out of bed. I’m not so sure what happened, but boy does it really hurt.”

He looked at his watch and then looked at the grocery store entrance again, but I continued to pretend I did not see it.

“My day hasn’t gone very well,” I complained to him, “I just seem to be late for everything. I missed my appointment at the doctor this morning and I’m not sure when I’m going to get back to see that doctor.”

I could see he was getting very nervous and borderline agitated. He tried to interrupt me, but I pretended I did not notice.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my car. There’s a big noise rattling in the engine and I’m not sure if I should take it in or what I should do with it.”

“Well,” he said rather anxiously, “I gotta get into the store.” With that, he briskly walked away muttering.

I am sure he talked about that all they long to his friends. He probably thought I was crazy. Sometimes it is good to be crazy. After all, he is the one that asked me how I was. If he did not want to know how I was, why did he ask me how I was?

I chuckled to myself and then I got thinking about my prayer life. I wonder how many times I do that in my prayer life. I pray about something, but I really am not that interested in it.

I wonder if Jesus had this in mind when he said, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive” (Matthew 21:22).

Prayer is not meaningless gibberish, but faith-focused asking.

Dr. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of God Fellowship, Ocala, FL 34483, where he lives with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. Telephone 1-866-552-2543, e-mail Website is

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The Woman Has Abdicated Her Office

The reason(s) the world is the way it is today is because the office of womanhood is vacant, the woman has abdicated her office/calling/position and ministry as a woman, because she is busy striving with the man to occupy an office that will never be vacant, neither will she ever be able to occupy the MANHOOD.

Let’s go back to creation, “and Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam, there was not found an help meet for him. And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made him a woman, and brought her into the man. And Adam said, This is now the bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of man (Gen. 2:20-23) King James Version.

When God created Adam of all that God created before he created man, there was none that had the similitude of man, so God in his wisdom in creation decided to create a companion for man, because everything else he had created had a companion who were functioning well. So God decided he would create him a HELP MEET and because he had given Adam to name all his (God) creation, he brought the woman to Adam to name and he (Adam) said the woman was bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh so she will be his companion/ Assistant/ PA/ Office manager/ house help/ home maker and keeper/ play mate/ confidant/ friend/support system/ and most importantly a person with virtue and wisdom.

My thinking, I am sure, because Adam saw how all of God’s created things and their companions lived, He expected that his woman would also live accordingly, but lo and behold, Eve left her office and caused the whole of the human race to fall when she listened to the lies of the devil. The devil deceived and manipulated her into thinking and believing that she is an independent being who can compare to the man, that is, ‘what a man can do a woman can do better.’ As we see, that is when the biggest lie came into the womanhood and is still been perpetuated today and the human race is still having the same problems, because the woman is still being lied to and manipulated by the devil.

Having said that I am sure some girls/ladies/women in the house are at this stage saying what nonsense and screaming “no way me I’m a feminist, an independent strong woman, who men find intimidating.” Well, this is where the problem is, our mother EVE bought into Satan’s lie and Satan is still around telling the women folk the same lie that we are equal and even better than the man.

Let me tell you this, a woman is only as good as her master (man), that is her husband says she is. Yes, I used the word master to the woman not debatable; it’s how God designed it. So if you want to be a wise woman, you better recognize and accept this and begin to learn to work it out in your life, because if you don’t the fruits of disobedience will begin to manifest in your life and house and what are these fruits? They are: Unhappy home, unruly disobedient children, unfaithfulness, and who knows eventually divorce, which by the way God hates.

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Why Science Can’t Help You Improve Your Life

We live in a world that has come to rely on science for its validation. If someone tells you that a strategy is scientifically proven you are more likely to go for it, no matter how unreasonable it may appear. Yet the assumption that science has the answers to all our problems is fundamentally flawed.

Science panders to the linear mind

The insecure human mind derives much security from the idea that it can prove everything. Scientific analysis works on the assumption if something can’t be proven to exist it does not exist.

Small wonder that the physicist Brian Cox recently concluded that CERN, the particle machine that claims to detect the tiniest particles in existence, proved that ghosts don’t exist.

To my mind the physicist displayed an extraordinary lack of affinity and understanding of universal forces

Scientists love to think that they know the answer to every problem and hate the idea that there are things out there we cannot explain, at least not in scientific terms.

Let’s look at a few facts:

  • We know that the universe does not unfold in a linear fashion
  • We know that the universe reflects back to us what we think
  • We know that the universe creates an image in three D for us so that we can see how we think
  • We know that the creation of every event in our life is created in the subtle energy realm, not in the material world

I cannot scientifically prove any of the above statements to youAlas, I do know that this is how the world really works. How do I know this? I know this with total certainty because I have experienced how the world really works through the medium of meditation and other mindfulness practices.

Since I have personally experienced how subtle energy works at what is called “the point of creation” I know that the world we live in is no more than the effect of much inner work that has gone on before we see the results in material form.

Science only measures the effect, not the cause of anything

Science compartmentalises life. It has set up a very useful structure of repeatable experiments upon it makes its assumptions about reality.

The big flaw with all scientific research is that it completely ignores the existence of the subtle energy realm as a real creative force.

The famous Heisenberg’s experiments prove that there is randomness in the universe, yet scientific research is not based on randomness, rather it is based on repeatable, physical evidence only.

Traditional science by its very nature separates, yet the universe works like an interconnected web. If you pull one end of the wet, the entire web structure shifts.

Oneness is the underlying structure of the cosmos

Yet science cannot create “holistic” research because of the way in which it segregates and compartmentalises everything in an attempt to make sense of anything that the mind cannot see or understand.

If you believe that science can assist you lead a happier and more fulfilled life you are greatly mistaken

I would go as far as to say that you are missing out on the most important part that fuels life. Esoteric knowledge of the invisible forces of creation is the key to leading a happy life that works with ease, grace and harmony.

While we live in the illusion that science is our savoir we are throwing away the most beautiful, divine essence of creation.

Mercedes Oestermann v. Essen is a well known success coach and the creator of HOLISTIC Feng Shui, a complete Personal Development and Success Program that brings renewal and regeneration to your mind, body and environment with innovative and unique strategies.

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The Importance of Free Speech in the Growth of American Students

In the past few decades, there has been much debate over the role that free speech assumes in the lives of Americans. This debate has been especially prevalent with regards to the issue of freedom of speech on college campuses. From safe spaces, to microaggressions, to trigger warnings, a large vocabulary has developed around the issue of free speech on college campuses. These words have been accompanied by much discussion about the extent to which free speech should be allowed on campus to avoid the “harming” of other students.

Colleges are intended to be hubs of learning and growth during a student’s life, a place where they can discover their own identities and test their beliefs and theories on the world through vigorous examination and discussion. However, recent restrictions on free speech have been suppressing this vital component of college campuses to the point where disagreement is looked at as bigotry, harmful, or backwards. Everyone is entitled to his or her own differences of opinion and is more than free to voice these differences, both verbally and written. However, when you create “safe spaces” and other concepts that hinder one’s ability to exercise this right, you are undoubtedly depriving that person of their right of free speech, the first of our founding father’s amendments and arguably the foundation of the constitution. These terms that are meant to make others feel more comfortable and safe are sheltering students from the realities of life and are creating unrealistic expectations for them as they enter the workplace. The notion that, “Since something makes me uncomfortable because it conflicts with my beliefs (or the beliefs of others which I readily came to accept without any thought), therefore you should change it” is flawed in nearly every regard and the antithesis of what makes America a prospering nation. It is these discomforting notions that test students’ beliefs and lead them to intellectual growth. Without discomfort, there can be no room for growth. That is a standard which Americans cannot willingly accept as a nation.

So how do we solve this problem? For one thing, we need to do a better job of making students realize that there is no absolute answer when it comes to matters of opinion, and that each student is entitled to a different opinion. American students are so used to being taught that problems only have one “right” answer and this notion often carries over into the realm of social problems as well. We come to accept that our beliefs must be right, and if others conflict with those beliefs they are wrong. Rather than forcing students to re-examine their beliefs and the premises that they rest on, this way of thinking pushes them to create environments where uncomfortable situations and thoughts are eliminated altogether. Students become disconcerted with ambiguity and the idea that both sides may have valid theories that conflict with each other. Students need these unsettling ideas presented to them in college because it is part of their growth into citizenship and adulthood. These discomfiting conversations provide them a place to develop their own ideas through open discussion. If one eliminates this aspect of college, the potential for growth and independence are also eliminated. Only through the open discussion of uncomfortable topics and conflicting ideas can we reach common round and grow to respect each other as human beings.

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Massage in Bucharest

Recognize it! You’re busy! And so must be! That’s what life is like! But you want more than that, you want to do more for yourself and massage can help. Because massage makes more than a simple relaxation of the mind and body. It keeps your body in shape and gives you enough energy to make you enjoy a longer life better than you do it today.

Massage releases stress. At the moment, stress is a universal evil. Every time you are late, every time you avoid a car in traffic, every time you have trouble working, stress is doing his job. Each time adrenaline increases heart rate and cortisone levels and organs respond to the measure. You will be in a state of nerves and constant agitation.
When there is no release of stress, serious problems such as an upset stomach, hypertension, sleep disturbances, chest pain, or existing illness may worsen.

Some of the changes that may occur are: Anxiety, lack of concentration, depression, permanent fatigue, muscle or bone pain, sexual dysfunction, excessive sleep or insomnia

All these stress-related problems can be diminished and some can be totally eliminated by massage. The researchers concluded that a massage session can lower heart rate and blood pressure, relax your muscles and increase endorphin production. The massage also releases serotonin and dopamine and the result is a general relaxation, both physical and mental.
Our body care must be at the top of the priorities.
By adding the massage to your routine you will look much better and you will be much healthier and relaxed. Massage can improve your vitality and mood. Massage can prepare for a long and beautiful life.

Our masseuses personalize each massage session according to the needs of the individual.
Our massage parlors offer a variety of relaxation styles and techniques to help you. Apart from relaxing, massage can be a powerful ally in reducing pain, increasing energy levels, improving mental and physical performance

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After a massage session, you will see how the mental prospects are enriched, the body allows easier handling, better pressure resistance, relaxation and mental alertness, calm and creative thinking.
When you have the impression or force yourself to stay straight, your body is not actually aligned properly. Not only does the posture look bad, but it forces some of the muscles to go muddy all day, while others become weaker. After a long time, the incorrect position may cause other drops. For example, internal organs press on what affects digestion, breathing ability is also diminished, which means that much less blood and oxygen reaches the brain and hence all sorts of other complications.

Massage allows you to return your body to the track. Allowing the body to make healthy and accurate movements is one of the greatest benefits of massage. Massage can relax and restore muscles injured by bad posture, allowing the body to position itself in a natural, painless position.
Apart from posture, there is also anxiety. One of the signs of anxiety and stress can also be heavy breathing. When the body begins to breathe too little and deeply instead of breathing at a natural rithm, it is impossible for one to relax. One reason may also be that the chest muscles and the abdomen get tightened and the air gets harder.

Massage plays an important role in learning the body how to relax and how to improve breathing. Respiratory problems such as allergies, sinuses, asthma or bronchitis are a group of conditions that can benefit from massage. In fact, massage can have a positive impact on respiratory function.

Many of the muscles in the front and back of the upper part of the body are breathing accessory. When these muscles are tight and shorten they can block normal breathing and interrupt effective breathing natural rithm. Massage techniques for stretching and relaxing these muscles improves breathing function and breathability. Massage leads to an opening of the chest as well as structural alignment and nerve dilatation that are required for optimal pulmonary function. A good way to treat respiratory problems with massage is the taping made in Swedish massage. When done on the back, along with vibrations, it can detach the mucus from the lungs and can clean the airways for better later function.

Massage not only relaxes muscles, but helps people become aware of daily stress levels. Once the body recognizes what really means relaxation, the mind can rest easily relax before the stress becomes cornice and harmful. This will help you enjoy a balanced life. Massage controls breathing, allows the mind to re-create relaxation before the occurrence of chronic and harmful stress and increases the level of energy.